How to comMIssion A House Portrait
Firstly, please do get in touch to discuss what it is you're looking for. 
Once I have a reasonable idea of the subject and a 'ballpark' price has been agreed, I will usually (but not always as I can work from photos) visit you at the property in order to understand the building in context and gain some insight into the background and history of the subject. I will also need to take a number of photographs and sketches of the subject. Please note that where a visit is not possible or practical, I am able to work from high quality photographs provided you.
Pricing depends on a number of factors. These include the amount of time it takes to complete the picture, the complexity of the subject and the finished size of the commission. Generally, a modest terraced house may be best suited to a small size, whereas a country house viewed in context will be more suitable to a larger size. 
Mounting, framing and shipping costs also need to be factored in to the overrall price.
Once the various aspects of the commission have been agreed, I will usually provide a contract to be signed by both parties before commencing work. The contract will detail what has been agreed and will include most, if not all, of the following information:
Photos and/or sketches of the subject of the commission
Format (eg. Landscape, Portrait, Square), Materials, Media and Sizing
The agreed price for the house portrait

Dates when a compositional preview will be available for approval

A date when the work will be completed*
Mounting/framing options and costs

Shipping options and costs
Payment terms and schedule**

Reproduction and copyright information***

*It can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks to complete a portrait, depending on size, complexity etc. If the picture is required for a specific date please indicate this from the outset.

**Payment terms are usually 50% upon signing the contract, and 50% upon completion (prior to delivery).
***The copyright of the portraits remain with Barney Bristow unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prints of the portraits can be provided for an additional fee.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you!
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