Hello. I am B
arney Bristow and I am an artist with a degree in Fine Art as well as being a fully qualified Architect.
I completed my first 'house portrait' commissions in the early 1990s, some of which are shown on this website. Following this I took a break from simply painting pictures of buildings to actually building them during my time working as an architect. 
Working to commission I now work on producing architectural portraits from my home studio in rural England.
A wide range of techniques and different media are usually used in the creation of my pictures: typically, a combination of pen, brush, ink, watercolour, charcoal and conte crayon. The portraits are built up in layers, from faint guidelines to the final accents, shadows and highlights. To ensure the longevity of the finished portaits the best available materials are used (eg. acid free papers and “Artist" quality watercolour paints and inks) and I hope that, in time, the portraits will become treasured family heirlooms and investments.
For further information please refer to my
Thank You.

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